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First All-hands Meeting for the NSF RII Award

On October 18th, the first All-hands Meeting for the NSF RII award took place in Baton Rouge. As members of the RII Advisory Board, Ron Hutchins, Jordan Konisky, and Vince McCoy were present. Two of the LONI Institute fellows attended the meeting as well. You can download presentations of Drs. Allen, Cortez, Gaver, Khonsari, and Seidel. Below are a couple of pictures taken during the meeting.

Ed - All-hands LI Fellows - All-hands
Ed Seidel is giving a presentation on the topic of Advancing Science through Co-Development of Cyberinfrastructure and Scientific Applications.
Phani Dathar (left foreground) from Louisiana Tech and Frank DeTiege (right foreground) from SUBR, two of the new LONI Institute Graduate Fellows, attended the all-hands meeting.

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