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First 'All-hands' Meeting

On October 18th, the first All-hands Meeting for the NSF RII award took place in Baton Rouge. As members of the RII Advisory Board, Ron Hutchins, Jordan Konisky, and Vince McCoy were present. Two of the LONI Institute fellows attended the meeting as well. You can download presentations of Drs. Allen, Cortez, Gaver, Khonsari, and Seidel. Here are pictures and a few more details on the meeting. [Other News]

Deliverables and Milestones for Work Package 3

Data and visualization integration. We will create a base data integration architecture converting scientific data formats into a visualization format for front-end visualization. Integration of this architecture into the HD streaming visualization service. Develop and integrate automation for providing front-end visualization as a network service.

HD streaming visualization. HD services will be provided for use for scientific visualization and analysis as well as for pedagogical use (e.g. classes) across LONI. Use of HARC to co-scheduled HD services along with computation and/or data resources. Development and implementation of techniques to reduce bandwidth needs for HD.

Leveraging of advanced visualization and interaction facilities. Several participating sites (ULL, LSU, SUBR) host advanced facilities ranging from high-end workstations to display walls and surround screens systems (CAVEs). Development of visualization services that allow applications to scale from desktops to the mostadvanced systems with minimal effort. Use of advanced facilities, including high-end workstations, display walls and surround screen systems at ULL, LSU and SUBR for scientific visualization of data from science projects.

Integration of techniques with Application Toolkits. Implementation of algorithms into general CyberTools infrastructure (e.g. SCIRUN interface to the Cactus CFD Toolkit.)