Deliverables and Milestones for Work Package 2

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First 'All-hands' Meeting

On October 18th, the first All-hands Meeting for the NSF RII award took place in Baton Rouge. As members of the RII Advisory Board, Ron Hutchins, Jordan Konisky, and Vince McCoy were present. Two of the LONI Institute fellows attended the meeting as well. You can download presentations of Drs. Allen, Cortez, Gaver, Khonsari, and Seidel. Here are pictures and a few more details on the meeting. [Other News]

Deliverables and Milestones for Work Package 2

Core Information Services. Deploy the appropriate services (from existing packages e.g., MonaLisa, GPIR, NWS, Nagios) needed for CFD, MD, experimental projects and general applications, and devise mechanisms to populate with reliable, up-to-date information.

Application Interfaces. Provide services, schema and interfaces to store and query application monitoring information (see WP4) and to query other information services, to enable DDDAS applications, to allow collaborators to interact in real time with their simulations and experiments, and to prototype and develop new application scenarios.

Portals: Develop generic portal interfaces and services with GridSphere that simplify the development, deployment, and reuse of complex application software and new Grid technologies. Develop and deploy a LONI portal, with portlets for HPC (machine, service, job monitoring, job deployment), application specific interfaces (e.g., CFD) as well as advanced grid services (e.g., scheduling, information, task farming services).